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When looking for a fast, reliable and honest Great Falls, MT plumber, the process should not be complicated. However, with so many options out there, how do you choose? We recommend first starting with HVAC and plumbing companies that are licensed, bonded, and insured, so the quality workmanship and accountability can give you peace of mind. Next, look for a company with direct and affordable pricing, backed by a five-star reputation online.  Lastly, look for a team of people that care about the community and their reputation within it, and you’ll find us, 911 Plumbing & Heating!

So, when you need fast and reliable plumbing service or HVAC work, call (406) 760-1818. We are ready to respond to any emergency, because a water leak or failed heater doesn’t just happen between 9 to 5. Call us today!

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HVAC & Plumbing in Great Falls, MT

As trusted community members for over a decade, our family-owned and operated local business has earned the reputation as the premier Great Falls, MT plumbing company. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality plumbing work and customer service at fair and reasonable prices. When we came to Great Falls, MT, our goal was to begin building relationships in the community that would last a lifetime. Those first customers were the foundation for our business and are now our friends and neighbors.

Commercial plumbing is far more complex than the systems found in the homes across our community. That is why our experts have added training and education to handle all your commercial plumbing needs. As a full-service plumbing company, we offer our commercial clients the same great services we provide to homeowners, including:
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Clog Removal
  • Leak Detection
  • Water Heater Repair And Installation
  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair And Replacement
  • Gas Line Repair And Replacement
  • General Plumbing Repairs
  • Fixture Installation
  • Water Filtration

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When you discover a clogged drain in your home, it is essential that you call (406) 760-1818 as soon as possible. Removing a small blockage quickly is the best way to prevent a flood of raw sewage in your home. We understand that it can be tempting to try that affordable jug of drain cleaner. However, what you don’t know is that those chemicals will not solve the problem. Instead, they will create more issues, including potential pipe damage and caustic fumes in your home. Trust our pros and our jet drain cleaning system that uses nothing but pure high-pressure water to blast away any clog without damaging your home’s drains.

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As the water lines in your home age, they become less and less reliable. When they are at the end of their life expectancy, it is not unusual for a homeowner to discover multiple new leaks every week. When you face this frustrating and potentially hazardous occurrence, the only real solution is to call (406) 760-1818 to request a repiping price quote from the 911 Plumbing & Heating experts. Once completed, you will have all new water lines backed by our complete warranty, and no more worries about costly water damage in your home.

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Having hot water is something that we all consider a necessity. So when you discover that your water heater is not working, or that your hot water is discolored, filled with particulates, or has an odd odor, you become very concerned. But too often, homeowners try to wait out these oddities, hoping that the issues will somehow disappear. But, unfortunately, all that does is compound the problem and the cost to repair it. So at the first indication of trouble with your water heater, call (406) 760-1818. The 911 Plumbing & Heating licensed professionals will get the problem fixed quickly to restore your hot water.

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Living in the northern part of the country, you know the importance of having a fully functional heater when the cold weather arrives. Unfortunately, as your heater ages, it can become much less dependable. But when that happens, you know that you can always depend on the certified experts at 911 Plumbing & Heating to get the heat back on in your home quickly and affordably. In most cases, a basic repair is all that is needed to restore your home’s heating. But if the repair for your old heater is too costly, our team will also provide you with a free estimate for a replacement. This investment will ensure that you have reliable heat for years to come. And the newer unit is sure to operate more energy efficiently to lower your monthly heating cost. In addition, our staff is here for you 24/7, so when your heater lets you down, know that we are just a call away at (406) 760-1818.

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Your home’s HVAC system is one of the most significant investments you will make in equipment. It is also one of the most essential to maintain your comfort and safety. To help you protect these crucial components like your furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or heat pump, our team provides regular service and care through our HVAC maintenance plans. Think of the care of your HVAC system as you would your vehicle. Regular care helps it operate more efficiently and increases its dependability and life expectancy. All of these same benefits are as important for your home’s HVAC as they are for your car. But you can’t take your HVAC in for a tune-up, so our experts come to your home to provide the professional care that will help you get the most out of your current HVAC equipment and your energy budget. Call (406) 760-1818 to speak with a maintenance plan pro to decide which of our three plans best meets your needs and budget. There are many behind-the-scenes components to your home’s plumbing, drain, and HVAC systems. But they all need some regular care and maintenance to keep your home running smoothly. 911 Plumbing & Heating team is always ready to assist you when you discover any issues with these essential systems, including our 24/7 emergency service. So never hesitate to call the Great Falls, MT plumber you know you can trust for honest and affordable solutions for any plumbing or HVAC problems in your home or commercial property.

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Contact us today to speak with our licensed HVAC & Plumbing technicians in Great Falls, MT: (406) 760-1818!

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