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    Garage Space and Wall Heaters

    Garage Space and Wall Heaters

    Here at 911 Plumbing and Heating we install the top of the line Reznor gas unit heaters perfect for your garage or shop. These unit heaters deliver the highest standard of energy efficiency and performance. Many of the high efficiency unit heaters qualify for rebates from government and utility companies.

    The first separated combustion system, with separate combustion air and flue piping in the commercial industry was introduced by Reznor in the 1960?s. This technology has continued in the industry for many manufacturers.

    Model UDAS V3 series gas fired unit heater is a separated combustion unit. The unique concentric adapter box allows the combustion and air operation through on penetration of the building. The UDAS is manufactured in 30- 125 MBH sizes for residential and 30-400 MBH for commercial applications. This unit features 82-83% thermal efficiency with 50-60 degree F. rise range. The T-CORE2 titanium stabilized aluminized steel heat exchanger and single burner one piece system is state of the art design. A 24 volt transformer and integrated circuit board with diagnostic indicator lights control offers multi-try direct ignition with 100% lock out and fan relay. This unit is available in natural gas or propane models.

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    Did you know? A two-stage gas valve, 409 or 316 stainless steel heat exchanger and totally enclosed fan motor for explosion proof operation are optional factory installed features. Horizontal or vertical air/vent kit, thermostat, vertical louvers, gas conversion kit, master slave controls for multiple unit control, hanger kits, step down transformers and manual shut of valves are field installed options. Please visit Reznor online at

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