Hot Water & Steam Boiler Systems

Looking for Hot water / Steam / Boiler systems?

911 Plumbing and Heating installs Lochinvar boilers. Their high- efficiency Cadet modulating/condensing heating boiler offers outstanding quality and fuel cost savings at a great value. They have models and sizes from 40,000 to 120,000 Btu/hr. to meet your home heating need. , There compact wall mount design creates more space. The 120,000 Btu/hr. combination units offer both heating and domestic water heating capabilities.

Cadets modulating burner adjusts the boilers firing rate percentage to meet the heat load of your home increasing boiler efficiency and extending the life of the boiler. This 94% efficient boiler saves you in heating costs which will pay for it in as little as six years. The heat exchanger is ASME certified and meets the highest quality and standards of manufacturing. Its light design makes it easy to install and the expanded polypropylene cover reduces operation noise.

The front digital push-button control provides easy operator interface for set point adjustment and temperature output monitoring. Outside air temperature reset allows the boiler to raise the boiler output temperature when the outside air temperature drops and raises the output temperature when the outside air temperature increases saving energy and money.

More energy savings can be available by heating your domestic hot water with the very same efficient boiler. A separate heat exchanger provides up to 3 GPM instantaneous domestic hot water at 70 degree temperature rise. Never run out of hot water again.

The Knight XL commercial boilers also have a thermal efficiency of 94%. This is also a modulating and condensing boiler with low NOx emissions making it the green choice for the environment.

This boiler is available in 399,000, 500,000, 600,000, 700,000 and 800,000 BTU/hr. inputs. The compact ASME stainless steel heat exchanger is lightweight and is directly accessible for easy service. The Knight has a smaller foot print than the old cast iron boilers and can be installed in a much smaller location with 0 clearances to combustibles. Venting design allows PVC or CPVC materials to be used making it very versatile for the most difficult locations.

The Smart System control allows up to 8 boilers to communicate without expensive external control systems. The Smart System controls outside air reset, pump control, night set back and password security. This quality and dedication to providing the optimal design is reflected in the Knight XL 12-year limited warranty.


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