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Water Heaters

New Hot Water Heaters Service

Water heaters come in all shapes and sizes. That is why 911 Plumbing and Heating relies on AO Smith water heaters. AO Smith manufactures a wide range of residential and commercial water heaters. With AO Smith you have a leading Industry warranty, in some cases up to 6 years. For 70 years AO Smith has been providing innovative hot water solutions. AO Smith stands behind its products and customers with exception service, cutting edge technology and trained personnel.

Residential water heaters, propane, natural gas and electric, are manufactured for your particular needs. The Vertex is a Power Direct Vent gas water heater that is 96% efficient. This is an Energy Star appliance which can be purchased in a 30, 40, 50 or 75 gallon capacity. The electric Conservationist is one of the industry?s most efficient models. The Phoenix heating elements last up to three times longer than standard copper elements. The Tankless water heaters provide you with endless hot water in a very efficient manner. The Voltex Hybrid electric heat pump water heater use heat pump technology that stores energy, resulting in energy savings. Cirrex is their ultimate solar water heating system. It has an efficient long life and reduced carbon emissions make this the perfect model for the environmental y conscious home owner.

Commercial water heaters like the Cyclone deliver dramatic energy saving with up to 98% efficiency.

Manifold these together and you can have as much as 520 gallons of hot water. They are great for hotels and restaurants. The Master- Fit and the Master ? Fit Plus is ideal for retrofits and is available in Standard Draft, Booster or Induced Draft. The Conservationist is the commercial version electric water heater. They are a light duty perfect for duplex/fourplex apartments, office buildings and more. AO Smith Circulating Water Heaters focuses on high thermal efficiency. These models range from 85% to 99% efficient. These units maximize the rate of return on their investment.

911 Plumbing and heating has installed hundreds of AO Smith water heaters. We installed two Cyclones for the Montana Air National Guard in Great Falls. Their performance has been flawless since installation in 2012. Please visit AO Smith water heaters at

Existing Hot Water Heater Service

Not sure if your hot water heater is on its last leg and ready to die?? Need inspection and servicing? When contacting us, let us know what brand your existing hot water heater is.