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Sewers and Drains: Cleaned, Installed, Inspect

Montana Takes Sewers and Drains Seriously – So Do We!

Montana has adopted the 2012 Uniform Plumbing Code. This code defines sewer as either public or private. ?Private Sewer– A building sewer that receives the discharge from more than one building drain and conveys it to a public sewer, private sewage disposal system or other point of disposal? ?Public Sewer– A common sewer directly controlled by the public authority.?

After reading this definition we can assume the piping in or home and to the sewer is called a drain. ?Drain– Any pipe that carries waste or waterborne wastes in a building drainage system?. We do not correct customers when they call and say there sewer is backing up. We assume the Public Sewer is not backing up, but that could be the case. We assume the Building Drain is plugged.

YES! We CAN Fix your Sewer or Drain Problems

Most building drains in Great Falls, Montana are constructed of PVC, cast Iron or Clay tile. Drain back-ups can be caused by multiple reasons. The most common is roots. Roots can grow in to clay tile seams seeking water. They then grow so thick they catch debris and plug the drain. The roots can be removed from the drain but they will grow back. This will be a continuing problem. There are chemical treatments but the permanent solution is to replace the piping with PVC. Roots cannot penetrate PVC piping.

Another common problem is pipe settling. Settling can be caused by improper compaction practices or geological soil composition. Either way the piping ends up with a sag or what we call ?bellies?, revers grade were the sewage drains the wrong direction or the pipe can break. All of these problems require a new drain system be installed.

911 Plumbing and Heating can diagnose and repair all of your building drain problems. Remember a good drain is a clean drain. Contact us today for clean and clear sewers and drains!