Radiant Floor Heating System

Is a Radiant Floor Heating System Right for You?

Cold floors and noisy forced air furnaces are two good reasons to install radiant floor heating. Hard surface floors can be uncomfortable on your bare feet. Carpet and shoes can keep your feet warm but carpet is not practical in the kitchen or bathroom and shoes in the house can be messy. Your forced air furnace fan blows warm air, dust, pollen and other allergens through the vents. For many allergy sufferers radiant heat is the best system.

Radiant floor heat evenly heats the home from the floor up and feels comfortable to the occupants without over heating one area. The heat from a forced air furnace rises to the ceiling leaving the occupant feeling cold after it shuts off. Radiant heat keeps the occupant comfortable with lower ambient temperatures and saves energy.

Radiant heat on the other hand can be expensive to install and may not be a realistic system in some cases. Electric radiant heat systems are practical for small areas such as a bathroom and can be installed under the flooring materials and where hydronic piping systems are not practical. Hydronic radiant floor systems are not practical heating retrofits since it requires removing floor, ceiling and possibly wall finishes. It is practical for new home construction and room additions.

Radiant floor heating systems can be zoned to provide warmer temperatures in the bedrooms and bathrooms and cooler temperatures in the kitchen. Most furnace systems have one thermostat for the entire home. 911 Plumbing and Heating can visit your home and determine if it is practical to install radiant floor heat.


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