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AC Repair and Replacement in Great Falls, MT

Living in Great Falls, MT, you know that even though our area is well known for arctic winters, we also have uncomfortably hot summer days. And without your home’s AC functioning, those days can feel as long as the Montana winter. So when you need fast and affordable AC repair in Great Falls, MT, the only name you need to know is 911 Plumbing & Heating. Our family-owned business has been a part of the community for over a decade. And in that time, residents have come to understand that we are always ready to help a neighbor in need. Call (406) 760-1818 any time of the day or night, and our pros will be on their way to assist you with your AC emergency.

If you are tired of enduring our summers with no AC, our team is also happy to visit your home to provide you with a complete price quote for AC installation in Great Falls, MT. We have decades of combined experience assisting homeowners in selecting the perfect unit for their homes and budget. Our staff understands that an air conditioner installation in your home is a big financial commitment. And we appreciate that you are placing your trust in our business. In return, we are committed to providing very competitive pricing and a full warranty on the installation. We also work on behalf of the manufacturer for any warranty issues on the equipment.

Understanding Your ACs Cry For Help

It is very rare for any mechanical device to go from functioning perfectly to suddenly not working at all. In almost every case, there are signs of an impending disaster. However, you must recognize the signs for this to provide you with any actionable warning. However, when a homeowner calls 911 Plumbing & Heating at the first indicating of trouble, we can often make a very cost-effective repair rather than replacing the entire AC unit.

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Some of the most common AC cries for help from our pros include:

In most cases, these items can be repaired. However, the age of your air conditioner will also play into the equation. When the unit is over 15 years old, it can be reaching the end of its life expectancy. Our team of experts will evaluate your air conditioning equipment when you are experiencing any issues and help you determine if an air conditioner repair in Great Falls, MT is the right choice for you. Or if a new AC installation in Great Falls, MT is the more financially responsible choice.

When To Repair vs. Replace

As we mentioned, the age of your AC will have an impact on our recommendation to repair or replace the unit. As these pieces of equipment age, they become more prone to failure, and they operate less energy-efficiently. Replacing a unit a dozen years old can significantly drop your summer electric bill and provide you with up to two decades of reliable service in the future. A general rule is that you never want to invest more than 50% of the cost of a new AC unit in repairs. So if your repair cost is getting up there, we will typically recommend a replacement if it is within your budget.

When To Schedule That Installation

Fortunately, we live in a climate that does not require an AC system for six to nine months of the year. So when you have an issue with your current air conditioner, the 911 Plumbing & Heating team will work with you to find a solution that works for your comfort and budget. We can make a minor repair to get you through the rest of the warm season in many cases. Then we can schedule the new AC installation at a time that works for your schedule and budget.

Think About Going Ductless

If you need an affordable option for an AC installation, ask our team about going ductless. These units use the latest technology to cool your home without the need to install or connect to any ductwork. This significant advance makes ductless AC an excellent option for many homeowners who are not interested in the cost and construction required for traditional AC units.

When you need AC help ASAP, call (406) 760-1818. The certified experts at 911 Plumbing & Heating are here 24/7 to offer emergency service, affordable price quotes for a new unit, or service for an existing AC regardless of the make or model.

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