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Drain Cleaning in Great Falls, MT

When you discover a clogged drain in your Great Falls home, you instantly begin to picture the worst, a flood of dirty water and sewage. But hopefully, you have been attentive and noticed the issue when the drain is still slow to clear rather than completely blocked. But either way, your solution is the same, a call to (406) 760-1818 to schedule a drain cleaning in Great Falls, MT with the experts at 911 Plumbing & Heating.

Our licensed plumbers are available 24/7 to deal with emergencies like a clogged drain in Great Falls, MT or other potentially costly issues like a leak or frozen water line as a full-service plumbing company. In the case of a drain clog, our experts arrive armed with a hydro jet machine to quickly and safely remove any clogs and residue in your home’s drain lines.

What Causes Drain Clogs

Unfortunately, the drains in your home handle some pretty messy and sometimes nasty items. And over time, that gunk creates a sticky residue that makes clogs inevitable. Once the pipes are coated with residue, everything from bits of food from the garbage disposal to clumps of toilet paper is likely to get stuck in a drain line or fitting and create a nasty clog.

Sink Clogs

When you notice that your kitchen sink is slow to drain, the culprit is typically food and other waste washed down the drain. What makes these clogs even worse is that the used cooking oil and grease that a kitchen sink drain handles creates a very sticky coating which is also the cause of the sour or foul odor you might have noticed from your kitchen sink drain.

Bathroom sinks don’t handle cooking oil or grease, but they get a similar coating of residue from the oils in soaps and other moisturizing bath and beauty products. That sticky substance, along with stray hairs, beard trimmings, and the occasional stray piece of plastic or bit of trash, can create a stubborn drain clog.

Sometimes a plunger and some very hot water will do the trick to remove the clog. If caught early enough, a cup of baking soda followed by vinegar can clear a minor clog. But when the clog is blocking most of the drain, your only real solution is a professional drain cleaning using a high-pressure water jet.

Professional and reliable drain cleaning in Great Falls, MT is just one call away to (406) 760-1818!

Clogged Showers And Tubs

Showers and bathtubs handle much clog-making material. From bits of dirt to loose hair and tiny chunks of soap, these drains can form challenging clogs. And if you happen to own a furry pet, that fur from your pooches bath only makes the clogs worse and more prevalent. Plunging typically does little to remove these drain obstructions. But they can be prevented in most cases by placing a small mesh filter over the drain opening to capture the offending hairs and debris before they enter the drain to form a clog. However, if you are not careful, the only reliable solution is calling in the pros at 911 Plumbing & Heating for a professional drain cleaning. The jet cleaner is the only process that is safe for your drain lines but guaranteed to remove clogs and stinky residue.

The Worst Clog Of All

Backed-up toilets are the worst. All you can imagine is the sewage spewing all over your bathroom. Unfortunately, the cause of most toilet clogs is something that should never have been flushed. That long list includes trash, used dental floss, feminine hygiene items, and many small children’s toys, socks, or mittens. When a toilet does not flush, plunging is likely to make a huge mess and not provide any quality results. The smart option is a call to (406) 760-1818. The experts at 911 Plumbing & Heating will remove the clog and all the nasty residue that will cause future clogs.

The Costly Clog Mistake

Many homeowners opt for a chemical drain cleaner when they find a slow clearing drain or a complete blockage in their home’s drain lines. While this might appear to be cost-effective, it is not. All the caustic chemicals are likely to do is damage your drain pipes. In addition, the acid in chemical drain cleaners cannot reach the majority of the clog and will only harm your drains without resolving the problem. Instead of filling your home with hazardous fumes, call the pros at 911 Plumbing & Heating for a reliable and drain-safe solution for your drain clog issues.

At 911 Plumbing & Heating, we understand that drain clogs don’t happen on a schedule. So our team is here to assist your family 24/7 with any drain clog issue. We have over a decade of experience serving the Cascade County community and will get your drain issue resolved quickly, safely, and affordably. You have our word and guarantee that your drains will be professionally cleaned and clog-free when you call (406) 760-1818.

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