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Remodeling and New Construction in Great Falls, MT

A remodeling project in your Great Falls, MT home is a big project and one that is sure to require your investment of time and money to achieve the image you have in mind. Much like a new construction project, you want to ensure that you have selected the right contractor for the job. The team you choose must be punctual, professional, and have the experience needed to get the job done correctly and on budget. In addition, you need to feel comfortable and at ease working with the entire team to ensure the success of your bathroom remodel in Great Falls, MT, kitchen remodel, or new construction project. And the only name you need to know for all of these exciting events is 911 Plumbing & Heating.

For decades, our family-owned and operated business has been helping community members bring their dreams to reality with amazing projects like a kitchen remodel in Great Falls, MT, an upgrade to an existing bathroom, or a complete plumbing new construction in Great Falls, MT. We understand why you are excited to make Cascade County your home or increase the value and function of your existing home in our close-knit community. And we are honored and excited to help you make the most of your plumbing remodel or new construction budget. Call us at (406) 760-1818 to set up a free consultation to determine how we can participate in this special project.

Tackling A Kitchen Remodel In Great Falls, MT

Most homeowners agree that the kitchen is the heart of their home. It is where everyone gathers to prepare meals, where you spend time with family and friends, and the place everyone ends up for a short escape from the hectic pace of today’s life. At 911 Plumbing & Heating, we want to help you make your home’s kitchen more functional, comfortable, and even spacious if that is what you need.

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Some of our most requested kitchen projects include:

Sink And Fixture Upgrades – Installing a massive farmhouse sink gives you the space you need to prepare meals and handle all the cleanup. And adding a new touchless faucet is a great way to eliminate messy handprints and the spread of germs.

Plumbing And Gas Line Relocation – The way your kitchen functioned when it was built decades ago just might not be meeting your needs. Relocating water and gas lines is the first step in creating the kitchen workflow that works for you and your family.

A Kitchen Expansion – Today’s kitchens function more like a kitchen family room combo for many of our customers. That means they need extra space for everyone to gather and share in meal prep, dining, and quality family time. Let our pros help you design your ideal kitchen to provide space for everyone to enjoy.

A Perfect Bathroom Remodel In Great Falls, MT

If you have an older home, it is sure to offer plenty of charm, but the space in your bathroom is likely to be anything but plentiful. However, if you are yearning for a spa-like retreat to start and end your busy days, the team at 911 Plumbing & Heating is ready to make that dream come true. Even in a small space, our licensed professionals are able to incorporate all of the relaxing and useful features you want, like:

A rain showerhead to add to your enjoyment of every shower.

An expanded walk-in shower is a common upgrade over the traditional shower/tub combination. These new units provide easy and safe access and accommodate features like dual shower heads, a bench, steam, and built-in storage nooks.

Jetted tubs are more common indoors in Cascade County than outdoor spa tubs. Installing this feature indoors allows for year-round enjoyment and safe access when it is icy and cold outside.

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