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Repiping in Great Falls, MT

It can be upsetting to discover a water leak in your home. But when you begin to find that these new leaks are appearing regularly, you start to panic. It is far more than unsettling to think that on any day, your home and belongings could be damaged or ruined by the next leak to appear somewhere in your home’s water lines. When facing a challenge like this, you need a reliable licensed plumber that you can trust for honesty, integrity, and quality plumbing work at an affordable rate because the only complete solution is Great Falls, MT repiping for your home’s water lines.

As a family-owned business in Cascade County for over a decade, the pros at 911 Plumbing & Heating understand the frustration of constant plumbing leaks. You worry about your treasured family photos and mementos, just as we would in your situation. So we are here to help by eliminating your home’s water leaks and your stress about water damage, mold, and other costly expenses. Our team will provide you with a free cost estimate for repiping services in Great Falls, MT by fully licensed plumbers and backed by a complete warranty.

When To Consider Repiping

A single leak every few years is no reason for alarm. However, when you locate new leaks every week or more often, there is a severe problem. Assume that for every leak you discover, there are more riddling the clearly disintegrating water lines in your home. And the signs of these hidden leaks can include:

When you notice any of these issues, a call to (406) 760-1818 is the only solution. Our staff will arrive quickly to determine if there are multiple leaks in your home and if your water lines are at the end of their reliability.

Call our highly rated plumbers to schedule your appointment for repiping in Great Falls, MT (406) 760-1818!

The Great Falls, MT Repiping Process

A repiping project is the only reliable and cost-effective solution for old leaky water lines. But many homeowners try to avoid the process because they fear that the answer could be worse than all of the leaks. Repiping your home sounds like a very invasive, costly, and destructive process. However, when you hire a professional for your repiping services in Great Falls, MT, the process is not as complex or scary as you might think.

At 911 Plumbing & Heating, we will treat your home like it belongs to a member of our family because we see each customer as a part of our family. The first step involves covering floors and furniture as well as relocating and covering all of your belongings. We work in specific areas of your home while other areas remain livable and untouched. Next, we create access for the new pipe installation in the walls and floors of the house. Ideally, we can install the majority of the new piping in the attic, basement, or crawl space of your home to eliminate as much damage to walls and flooring as possible.

Once we have the new water lines installed, we pressure test all of them to ensure no leaks. Then we begin the repair process to the walls and floors. Finally, our team cleans all of our work areas to leave you with only new water lines but no mess to clean up. Our job, including the repairs and clean-up, is not done until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

The Added Value Of A Professional Plumbing Company

A Great Falls, MT repiping job is a significant project for any home. And when you are investing your hard-earned money and trust in a plumbing company, you want the best. By hiring a professional plumber like 911 Plumbing & Heating, you know that our plumbers have completed extensive training and hands-on apprenticeships to earn their licenses. In addition, you know that our business carries the proper licensing, insurance, and bond to protect your property and our team of employees.

Finally, as community members for over a decade, you know that 911 Plumbing & Heating will be here should you ever have a concern or issue with your home’s repiping or any plumbing concern. We stand behind every job with a complete parts and labor warranty. And even more importantly, you have our word that we will do every job professionally, thoroughly, and as cost-effectively as possible for our fellow residents.

Don’t let the worries of constant water leaks in your Great Falls, MT home keep you awake at night. Instead, call (406) 760-1818 for a free evaluation and estimate for repiping from the licensed pros at 911 Plumbing & Heating. We understand that this is a major project. And you have concerns about the impact it will have on your home. But rest assured, we will take care of everything, including a clean-up that would make our parents proud.

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