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The Benefits Of Going Programmable This Winter

Your Great Falls home’s heating system is one of the hardest-working items in your house. It handles all the cold weather that wintertime can dish out and never fails to keep your home cozy and safe. But most homeowners will also agree that there is a price to be paid for that comfort. So you are happy to find any means possible to help keep your home heating cost as reasonable as possible without compromising your level of comfort.

The solution that many households are choosing to meet this challenging balancing act is a programmable thermostat. It offers the ability to cut back on some energy consumption. But it does it in a manner that keeps you warm and comfortable. While it might sound too good to be true, it is a proven method for keeping your home warm and your heating costs down.

Savings Thanks To Technology

If your home is still using a thermostat with a sliding switch or the even older round dial, you are in for some surprises. The latest in programmable thermostats offers impressive features and capabilities that will save you money and energy. No longer are you limited to having a single set temperature for your home. Now you can create custom programs to maintain your ideal temperature at specific times of the day and then go to a more energy-conscious temperature setting when no one is home, or everyone is asleep.

For decades, homeowners have struggled to remember to turn down the thermostat before bed or when leaving the house. But it was easy to forget or be in a rush to leave and not get that cost-saving task completed. Then there was the thought of getting up to a cold house and having to wait for the temperature to rise after you bumped up the thermostat. Now there is nothing to remember or dread. The programmable thermostat reduces the temperature after you are in bed and increases it just before you get up in the morning. Just set the program and forget it. And you can also set a schedule for your time away are school and work.

The Long List Of Programmable Thermostat Benefits

Homeowners are excited to save money using a programmable thermostat. But there are also many other benefits to enjoy, including:

  • A simple touchscreen
  • One-touch adjustments
  • An attractive design
  • Precise temperature control to within one degree
  • A fan-only option for added comfort and air circulation
  • A seven-day programming cycle
  • The ability to save multiple programs
  • Savings of up to 25% on your household heating bill
  • Added comfort in your home
  • Qualifies as an Energy Star item for many home rebates

Consider The Potential

Changing your home’s temperature a few degrees might not sound impressive. However, when you consider that many people are away from home or asleep for around 16 hours out of every 24, that provides many opportunities for savings. In addition, if you spend two weeks a year on vacation, you can significantly reduce your heating costs during that time to increase your savings and decrease the workload of your heating system.

What To Look For In A Programmable Thermostat

There are many well-known and respected brands of programmable thermostats on the market. If you use home automation, it is essential that you select a thermostat that is compatible with your platform. In addition, you can choose a thermostat that can be operated via an app on your smartphone if you do not have home automation.

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