Trenchless Drain Replacement

The latest technology in sewer and drain replacement is known as Bursting. We now have the equipment to replace your drain from your house to the sewer main without trenching. We no longer have to dig up your yard which leaves you with expensive landscaping repairs.

This process begins with exposing the drain in the house and at the sewer main. We then push a cable through the old drain. This is done from the house so we can pull a new drain, from the ally, through the old drain. Then we simply reconnect to the house and sewer main.

This new technology meets the city and state Plumbing Code and is the preferred method of replacement. We video tape the drain before and after the drain installation. A copy of this video is kept in the city files for reference. This is a nice resource for selling your home. It gives the buyer reassurance there is no building drain issues.

There are many reasons why you should use Bursting:

  • Fast Installation – Most drain replacements take 2 days. You are only out of service for 6-8 hours.
  • Trenchless – We do not have to dig up your yard, replace your sidewalk, take down your fence or deck, go around your garage, tear up your sprinklers or remove your trees.
  • Cost Saving – No trenching means no costly landscaping repairs and no more muddy yards.
  • Warranty – Twenty year warranty against roots, breakage, separation or collapse. Plugged drains and cleaning is not covered.

Not all drains can be burst. There are some drains with a low spot or reverse grade. These issues prevent us to use the burst application because the new line will be installed with the same issues. There may be no other option but to trench these drains to repair these problems.

If you have a root problem, separated pipe, collapsed pipe or pipe deterioration then pipe bursting could be your best option and save you further complications in the future.

If you are thinking about drain replacement let us give you a free estimate. We have trained, licensed and insured Plumbing Technicians that can help you with all your plumbing and heating Issues.


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