Water Softeners

Need a new water softener?

911 Plumbing and Heating is proud to be installing North Star Water Softeners. North Star is the choice of professionals. Their experience extends all the way back to 1925. Over the years they have established a reputation for quality, reliability and service. They are the world’s largest manufacture of residential water treatment systems. They are ISO 9001-2000 certified which means you are assured the highest level of quality.

North Star uses the most advanced water filtration technology in operation today. The patented programming monitors water usage and gathers data and information used to determine when the next regeneration is needed. The system learns your water use patterns and saves you salt and energy. 90 years of experience means they are doing it right.

The US Air Force contracted us to install a North Star Water Softener in each of the Missile Alert Facilities in the State of Montana. When we had service and installation questions they lived up to their claims. I think this is a tribute to their quality and reputation

Water softeners can save you detergent and leave your plumbing fixtures free of hard water deposits. If you are interested in a residential or commercial North Star Water Softener check out their website at www.northstarconditioning.com and call 911 Plumbing and Heating for your installation by a professional contractor so you know the job will be done right the first time!

Water softener repair and maintenance:

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