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What Are All These Weird Furnace Sounds?

Do you lay in bed at night and wonder about all of the odd noises coming from your furnace? Is the noise so loud that you think you will never be able to fall asleep? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you should be calling (406) 760-1818 for professional furnace service before you wake up to a freezing cold but quiet house because your furnace has failed. The experts at 911 Plumbing & Heating have years of experience and expertise in diagnosing the noises you are hearing and correcting the problems causing them.

Metal Scrapping

We all know the sound of metal rubbing or grinding against another piece of metal. It’s the sound of a car bumper scraping across the metal door of another car. And while that is an awful sound, it is even worse when it comes from your furnace. This metal-on-metal racket is due to a broken motor mount or a broken blower wheel in almost every case. And both are very serious. If left unrepaired, the damage will get far worst when the parts begin to shatter and cause additional damage inside your furnace. So call in the 911 Plumbing & Heating pros as soon as you hear this scraping sound in your Great Falls home to avoid more costly repairs.

Is Your Furnace Wheezing?

If you hear a wheezing or panting sound in your home, the issue could be that your furnace is gasping for air. The problem is typically traced back to a dirty air filter. You install a new filter to remove dirt and dust from the air that is entering your furnace. And if it does its job well, it becomes clogged with all of that filth. The result is that your furnace is overworked to draw in air to heat. Replace your HVAC air filter to eliminate the wheezing sound and lower your energy bill as it takes some of the stress off your furnace.

Too Much Banging And Popping

If you hear a loud bang or pop when your furnace first turns on, the issue is likely a dirty burner. When the furnace burner is clogged with dust and dirt, the gas builds up before the flame can ignite. And that pocket of gas is making what sounds like a little explosion. In most cases, this is not a safety issue. But it is a sign that your furnace could use some TLC and cleaning from the pros at 911 Plumbing & Heating. So call (406) 760-1818 to schedule a cleaning and tune-up to eliminate these annoying sounds and increase the efficiency of your home’s furnace.

Pinging Or Softer Banging And Clanging Sounds

The sounds you hear when your furnace first turns on are not all generated by the furnace. Some of the odd pinging and even some of the clanging can be coming from the ductwork. As the warm air enters the ducts, the metal expands. That movement creates some pings and creaks throughout your home. It is also possible to hear the same sounds right after the furnace turns off and the ducts begin to cool. There is no reason for concern when you hear these sounds, as they do not damage the ducts or your home.

When you are tired of putting up with loud noises and less than ideal heating from your furnace, call (406) 760-1818. The HVAC experts at 911 Plumbing & Heating are here to help. Most of the issues are related to a lack of regular maintenance. After a simple service call, we can have your furnace functioning flawlessly and quietly. And we always provide a complete price quote for no surprises when the bill comes.

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