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What To Consider When Selecting a New Water Heater

When looking for a new water heater for your Great Falls home, it might be tempting to replace the one you have with an identical unit. But that is not always your best option. Depending on why you are shopping for a water heater, it could even be the worst option. If your current unit is not meeting your needs, there is certainly reason to explore your options. And find a selection that will provide you with everything you need and at a cost that fits into your budget. Below are some tips and points to consider before making your new water heater purchase.

Replacing An Existing Water Heater

If you are replacing an existing water heater, it is necessary to be brutally honest about how well the unit met your needs. If old age is prompting your purchase, but you were pleased with the service over the years, a similar type and style could be a good choice. The new unit is sure to operate more efficiently than an older model. You could be just as happy with a similar replacement.

However, if you were not all that thrilled with the old unit, now is the time to fix any issues. If there was never enough hot water, then a larger traditional water heater could be a dream come true. Also, if you are now empty nesters, you might want to decrease the size of your water heater to get a more energy-efficient unit.

Also, keep in mind that the most cost-effective replacement will be a unit that uses the same power supply and plumbing as your old water heater. But there is always the option to convert to a tankless option if unlimited hot water is your idea of the perfect water heater.  

Are You Shopping For Your New Construction Home?

With a new build, you usually have more options than a replacement. And if the house has gas service, you could choose that or an electric model. In addition, a new home is the perfect time to try going tankless. Your plumber can install the additional piping needed for on-demand water heating very quickly and affordably.

The Pros And Cons In A Concise List

Regardless of the location and reason for a new water heater, it is vital to know the pros and cons of both traditional and tankless water heaters to make a well-informed choice.

Traditional Water Heater Pros:

  • Very affordable to purchase and to install in place of an existing traditional unit
  • Easy to service and maintain
  • Units can be powered with electricity, natural gas, or propane
  • Units are offered in a variety of sizes

Traditional Water Heater Cons:

  • Life expectancy or 10-12 years in most cases
  • More costly to operate than tankless water heaters
  • The tank size limits capacity
  • There is time required for a tank refresh when you are out of hot water

Tankless Water Heater Pros:

  • Unlimited hot water
  • Units can be placed throughout your home, or you can opt for a single large unit
  • Lower operating cost
  • More energy-efficient than traditional water heaters
  • Easy to repair and maintain

Tankless Water Heater Cons:

  • More costly to purchase
  • Often requires additional plumbing when replacing a traditional unit

The best resource when selecting a new water heater is the person who knows the most about these essential appliances. Call (406) 760-1818 to schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber from 911 Plumbing & Heating. Our pro can help you evaluate your needs determine which water heater is best for you. And we always provide a free, no-obligation price quote and back our work with a full warranty.

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